The non-profit sector in the post COVID-19: fundraising foundations’ perspective

About the Session

The coronavirus pandemic is a major challenge for the non-profit sector across the world. It was non-profit organizations that often found themselves at the forefront, continuing to support the most vulnerable groups. They were forced to restructure their approaches to providing care to their beneficiaries and raising vital funds. 

During this session, leading Russian charities will share how they were impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, what lessons have been learned and how they will plan to build their activities and relationships with stakeholders moving forward.

In partnership with SIBUR Holding PJSC

Dmitry Polikanov

A member of the Government Council on Social Charity, Deputy Chair of the Public Council of the Ministry of Labor, member of the Joint Expert Council of the Presidential Grants’ Fund


Marina Efimova

Executive director at "Life Without Barriers" Foundation

Natalia Sokolova

Executive Director of the Deafblind support Foundation «Con-nection»

Faina Zakharova

President of the Life Line Charity Foundation for saving seriously ill children

Irina Bakradze

Managing Director, Charitable Foundation for Helping Children and adults with impaired immunity "Sunflower"