Benchmark Session - SDG 4 Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

About the Session


This year, support for education was in the spotlight of the expert community not only because of the traditional popularity of this area among donors, but also due to the large-scale research of the Russian Donors Forum. 

  • What has been achieved by the philanthropic community over the past 10 years in the development of the educational environment? 
  • How can it be aligned with Russia's progress towards the SDGs? 
  • What challenges existed in the education sector before the pandemic and how they were exacerbated during the crisis? 
  • What case studies aimed at achieving SDG 4 have already been proven to be effective and can be replicated?

During this Benchmark session, there will be an open discussion of leadership cases on the implementation of SDG 4 "Quality Education", as well as of the results of the study on education carried out by the Russian Donors Forum.

Юрий Благов
Директор центра КСО им. ПрайсвотерхаусКуперс ВШМ СПбГУ


Дарья Дурнова

Главный специалист по корпоративным проектам Дирекции по персоналу и социальной политике АО "Апатит"

Alexander Archipov

Исполнительный директор Ассоциации выпускников СПбГУ

Julia Selyukova

Head of educational projects of Sistema Charitable Foundation

Olga Vohmyanina

руководитель направления по связям с общественностью АГО "Форум Доноров"