The Role of SDGs for Foundations and the Role of Foundations in the Achievement of SDGs

About the Session

There is an increasing number of foundations which re-align their activities with SDGs – they integrate SDGs into their strategies, design their programme priorities in accordance with the SDG framework, build their communications around it. 

What is the pragmatic value of SDGs for foundations? What is the role of foundations in the achievement of SDGs, and what is their competitive advantage in comparison with other stakeholders? These questions will be raised by leaders of the foundations sector in Europe and Russia.

Olga Bashkirova
Chief Executive officer
Charitable foundation RENOVA


Atje Drexler

Senior Vice President at Robert Bosch Stiftung

Max von Abendroth

Executive Director of DAFNE – Donors and Foundations Networks in Europe

Jouni Lounasmaa

Executive Director of the Finnish Medical Foundation and CEO of the Startup Foundation

Oksana Kossatchenko

President at The Sistema Charitable Foundation, the operator of Sistema Group's social investments