Dmitry Ioffe

Head of the interregional public organization "Clean Games"

Dmitry Ioffe

In 2014, he founded the environmental volunteer project "Clean Games". In 2017, he received support as a social project leader in the Agency for strategic initiatives, in 2018, he brought the Clean Games project to the international level, and the project events were held in India, Ukraine, Nigeria, Vietnam and Japan. In the same year, he became the best eco-volunteer in the country (I place in the category "Around me", over 18 years old in the competition "Volunteer of Russia 2018"). The team of the Clean Games project received The Russian Geographical Society award for the best environmental project of 2018. 2018 joined the Public Council under the Committee for nature use, environmental protection and ecological safety of St. Petersburg, with 2019 included in the Coordination Council for development of volunteering in the public chamber of the Russian Federation. He was a member of the Russian delegation to the IAVE world conference on volunteerism in Germany. In 2019, He entered the TOP 50 best people in St. Petersburg according to magazine. In November 2019, he presented the Clean Games project at the II Paris peace Forum, and in January 2020, he spoke at the Friends for Leadership 2020: new horizons for global cooperation for sustainable development session at the Russian House in Davos (Switzerland).

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