Yulia Nazarova

President of the Foundation for food "Rus"

Yulia Nazarova

In 2018, after 6 years of coordinating projects of the Fund of food Rus at various levels, Yulia Nazarova became its President. The Fund implements initiatives for the use of usable food and usable goods, and then transfers them free of charge to low-income residents. In 2019, Yulia Nazarova was awarded the title "Ambassador of Good Moscow" by the Moscow Department of culture in recognition of her contribution to the development of charitable activities, and was awarded the medal "For the protection of family and childhood" by the Association of commissioners for children's rights in Russia. For her contribution to the development of charity, solving problems to ensure food and environmental safety, she was awarded the Gratitude of the mayor of Moscow. For her selfless contribution to the organization of the all-Russian mutual aid campaign "#Myvmeste" (#We'retogether), she was awarded a medal of Gratitude from the President of the Russian Federation.

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