Maria Chertok

CAF Russia Director

Maria Chertok

Maria Chertok has been working with CAF Russia since 1997, since May 2005 as a Director. She has been involved in a number of exciting innovations in the Russian philanthropic sector, including development of community foundations model, corporate giving and private foundations. In 2009 Maria was named one of ten most influential philanthropy professionals in Russia by Russian Reporter magazine. Maria is a member of the Editorial Board of Alliance magazine and a member of the management team of Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace (PSJP). She authored a number of articles and research materials on various aspects of philanthropy and civil society development in Russia and globally and as a guest editor of Alliance magazine issues on emerging market philanthropy and philanthropy infrastructure. In the past Maria served as Chair of WINGS (World Initiative for Grant-makers Support), a Council member of the Russian Donors Forum, a Steering Committee member of Grantmakers East Group of the European Foundation Centre and a trustee of Philanthropy Bridge Foundation (UK). She was also a co-organiser of the Olga Alexeeva Memorial Prize Before CAF Maria worked at the Moscow office of the Ford Foundation. She graduated cum laude in sociology from the Moscow State University.

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