About the 2022 theme

In recent decades, the Human development index of Russia has been steadily growing: according to the UNDP, since 2015, Russia has risen from 59th to 52nd place on the rating. However, a series of challenges over the past three years is jeopardizing not only the progress already achieved, but also the opportunities for further development.

Meanwhile, amidst instability, human capital can become one of the key stabilization drivers, helping to implement the necessary anti-crisis models. Bridging the gap between different regions of the country as well as ensuring quality living standards requires an unprecedented consolidation of efforts and resources, and foundations and companies traditionally play a huge role in tackling social problems of this kind, offering the state ready-made systemic solutions.

Diversity and inclusion, employee and local communities support are an important part of donor programs, moreover, in 2021 and 2022 the philanthropic sector has been actively involved in assessing its achievements at the global and national levels. Today we will have to revise the role of ESG factors in the strategies of organizations, faced with the need to adapt the triad to the national context and expand the range of indicators.

The Anniversary Russian Donors Forum Annual Conference will allow to align mutual expectations and efforts of experts in the field of philanthropy and social investment on topical issues facing not only the professional community, but also Russian society as a whole. How have approaches to human development and human capital changed in the new normal? What will the anti-crisis strategies of donors be based on? What is the future of philanthropic programs in the field of sustainable development — and what kind of transformation will they have to undergo? How to build a mutually beneficial and productive partnership within the social sphere?

Background of the Conference

Russian Donors Forum Conference is an annual event which goes back to 2003.

Every fall, since 2003, Russian Donors Forum has been holding a key event in the field of philanthropy — the Annual Conference. The Conference is a leading expert platform where the most important trends and events taking place in Russia and the world in the field of philanthropy become a topic for discussion.

Over the years, about 3,000 people from more than 10 countries have taken part in the Conference. Among them there are leading specialists and heads of large Russian and foreign philanthropic organizations, managers and management companies implementing philanthropic programs, government officials and journalists, experts and public opinion leaders.

The Conference welcomes professionals interested in philanthropy or considers opportunity to engage with it.