Faina Zakharova

President of the Life Line Charity Foundation for saving seriously ill children

Маргарита Тарасова

Руководитель службы коммуникаций Благотворительного фонда Елены и Геннадия Тимченко

Ирина Калистратова

Старший менеджер службы коммуникаций) и Маргарита Тарасова (Руководитель службы коммуникаций Благотворительного фонда Елены и Геннадия Тимченко

Игорь Соболев

первый заместитель генерального директора Президентского фонда культурных инициатив

Ольга Зубкова

президент Международного кинофестиваля «ЛАМПА», член Совета Общественного телевидения России (ОТР)

Никита Тихонов-Рау

генеральный продюсер, режиссер Студии «АРТВИДЕО», генеральный директор ​​АНО «Лаборатория Социальных Коммуникаций «Третий Сектор»

Владимир Головнев

российский сценарист, кинорежиссёр, продюсер, член Союза кинематографистов РФ, режиссер фильма «Люди дела»

Dmitry Kaliukov

Deputy Director for Social Policy at APATIT JSC (Cherepovets Chemical Cluster of PhosAgro Group)

Irina Zabolotnaya

Head of the Corporate Events Division, Deputy Director of Nornickel's Social Policy Department

Sergey Brilev

Russian journalist and TV anchor, Deputy General Director of the Rossiya TV channel for special news projects

Dasha Kotwani

Event Coordinator of the Sita Indian Cultural Center

Elena Seregina

Head of the MTS Center for Social Responsibility, Diversity and Inclusion

Irina Kravchenko

Deputy Head of External Relations and Partnership Programs at the Tsaritsyno State Museum-Reserve

Anatoly Strunin

A professional photographer, he graduated from the New York Institute of Professional Photography and is an associate professor and instructor of photojournalism at the Griboyedov Institute of International Law and Economics. He is a professor and lecturer of photojournalism at the A. S. Griboyedov Institute of International Law and Economics and teaches courses and lectures on the history, theory and practice of photography.

Valentina Karpova

Head of Partners and CSR Projects of the Association of Volunteer Centers

Vladimir Khromov

Deputy Head of the Department for the Activities of the Presidential Ombudsman for Children's Rights, Executive Secretary of the Public Council

Elvira Aleynichenko

Philanthropy and Social Investment Expert, Head of GrantRafting Social Investment Management Center Project Office

Yulia Khodorova

Leading consultant of the Philanthropic Culture Foundation, member of the Foundation Board

Liudmila Dobrynina

Project Team Leader of the Corporate and Financial Communications Practice at Mikhailov & Partners

Victor Chukov

Head of Marketing and Business Development at Mikhailov & Partners

Olga Iurkova

Head of the Center for Charitable and Social Programs of MTS

Madina Badalova

Head of Education and Inclusion Department, Foundation for the Development of Culture and the Arts (Uzbekistan)

Antonina Steinberg

Head of Autistic City, a project supporting adults on the autism spectrum

Alexander Gorelik

Assistant Director General for Relations with International Organizations, Interstate Development Corporation

Jean Zagidullin

General Director of the Corporate Development Agency "Yes-Strategy"; member of the RUIE Expert Council on non-financial reporting, ESG indices and sustainable development ratings

Pavel Savchuk

Chairman of the All-Russian Public Organization "Russian Red Cross", member of the Board of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Daria Kalenbet

Program Director of the Donors Forum Annual Conference, Project Manager

Peter Polozhevets

Executive Director at the Sberbank Charitable Foundation «Investment to the Future»

Julia Goryachkina

Deputy Director for Human Resources for the Digital Economy at ANO Digital Economy

Artem Shadrin

Director of the Institute of Socio-Economic Design at the Higher School of Economics, General Director of the National Agency for the Development of Qualifications

Priya Naik

Founder and CEO of Samhita Social Ventures

Inna Shirshova

Head of the Inclusive Environment Program of the "Contribution to the Future" Foundation

Artyom Metelev

Member of the Donors Forum AGO Council, Chairman of the Council of the Association of Volunteer Centers, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Youth Policy, member of the CCI RF Council on Sustainable Business, CSR and Volunteering

Irina Arkhipova

Deputy Dean of the Graduate School of Business at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, Professor of Practice, Academic Director of the Master's Program "Company Sustainability Management

Vladimir Plekhov

Acting head of the program to support people with visual impairment "Special View" Charitable Foundation "Art, Science and Sports

Marina Zubova

President of the Gulfstream Charitable Foundation for the Relief of Severely Ill People

Maya Rusakova

Director of the Regional Public Organization of Social Projects in the Field of Population Welfare "Stellit

Matvey Masaltsev

Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Association of Volunteer Centers, Product Director of the Dobro.RF platform

Anna Zhigulskaya

Head of the project office for internal communications and corporate social responsibility of Rosatom

Alexander Plakida

Chairman of the Governing Board of the Global Compact National Network Association, Deputy Chairman of the ACIG Board

Nikolay Trotsky

Communications Director, Alisher Usmanov Charitable Foundation "Art, Science and Sports

Helen Topoleva-Soldunova

Director of the Social Information Agency, General Director of the Kindness of the North Charitable Foundation

Lyudmila Danilova

Executive Director of the Kupol Social Development Fund, Deputy Chairman of the Social Policy Committee of the Duma of the Chukotka Autonomous District

Elena Malitskaya

President of the Foundation "Siberian Center for Support of Public Initiatives", Chairman of the Commission for the Development of Civil Initiatives, Voluntarism, Charity and NGOs of the Public Chamber of the Novosibirsk Region

Maria Morozova

Managing Director of the Elena & Gennady Timchenko Foundation

Tao Ze

Founder and President of YISHAN China Philanthropy Data Center

Oleg Bazaleev

Social Performance Manager at Crescent Petroleum (Middle East)

Svetlana Gerasimova

Partner, Program Director, Sustainable Development Strategies and Practices Project Office

Oksana Kossatchenko

President of the Sistema Charitable Foundation, member of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Council for Sustainable Business Development, CSR and Volunteering

Irina Bakradze

President of the Podsolnukh Charitable Foundation for Children and Adults with Immune Problems