Elena Malitskaya

President of the Interregional Public Foundation "Siberian Center for Support of Public Initiatives"

Elena Malitskaya

Elena Malitskaya started her work at the Siberian center in 1995 as a financial Manager. She became one of the recognized experts in the field of financial management, taxation and accounting of non-profit organizations. The main achievement of this period is the creation of a grant support system for Siberian non-profit organizations (NPOs) by a Russian interregional organization, the organization of interaction between members of the Siberian network of social development centers, and the introduction of monitoring and evaluation systems in the organization's activities. Since January 2002, President of The Interregional Public Foundation "Siberian Center for Support of Public Initiatives" (MOF STsPOI). She is an expert on state support for non-profit organizations, strategic management and organizational development, financial management, fundraising, interaction with the authorities, work in local communities, development of civil society and its infrastructure. In 2017, she was President of the Association Of specialists in evaluating Programs and Policies (Russia), and she is the Chairman of the Commission of the public chamber of the Novosibirsk region for the support and development of charity, volunteerism, and non-profit organizations.


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